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  Wholesale VoIP
dbExperts Wholesale VoIP
Cost-effective high quality calls to Brazil Mobile

Direct routing to our network.

dbExperts TRIBO VoIP routing engine, along with a high-quality wholly owned network in Brazil, allow great price with high quality. Please contact for more information.

dbExperts PostgreSQL Professional
The best database for your Business!

The best solution at an affordable price that will give you much more value for your money!

Our PostgreSQL Professional version is the most cost effective database solution that will save you thousands of dollars in licensing, maintenance and implementation costs.

Check some of the product key features:
Comprehensive Windows Database Solution - dbExperts PostgreSQL runs natively as a service on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It also supports the Mac OS X platform, FreeBSD and Linux. Proven SQL technology dbExperts PostgreSQL follows the ANSI SQL 89, 92 and 99 standards. Giving you full ANSI compatibility plus the advantages and benefits of a real RDBMS.
Licensed by SERVER, independent on the number of users - As your business grows, you do not need to purchase more licenses, just plug as many users as you want in your LAN, Intranet and via Internet.
High Performance with Low Costs - dbExperts PostgreSQL is feature rich like any other traditional RDBMS on the market. It is extremely robust and scalable providing high performance on minimum hardware configurations, even with gigabytes of data. Initial low cost of acquisition and maintenance, makes PostgreSQL an unbeatable price / performance combination.
Give More value to your own Application - With dbExperts PostgreSQL you will have a competitive advantage over your competition. You will also get an edge by supporting multiple operating systems platforms. Our products is an affordable and powerful alternative to the traditional high priced competing RDBMS. You will make more sales and make more money while your customer will expend less with others, and more with you!
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New Version 7.4.1!
We are proud to announce the general availability of our "dbExperts PostgreSQL Professional" version 7.4.1. Check out what's new!
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